What We Do


The Portage Education Foundation was established in 1990, when Dr. L Donald Pipe needed a manner in which he could donate a computer lab to the district.  Over our history, we have acted in numerous capacities for the district.  Following are several examples of our range of activities:

  1. Fund pilot programs, such as our Makey-Makey technology equipment or the district-wide program to host author, Max Brooks, in the community to discuss his book, World War Z, which specifically explores many racial issues.
  2. Collaborate with teachers, staff, and community members to bring our Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) to our students every summer at no-cost to families. This program allows students to apply lessons they learn throughout the school year in a more applied manner than can be conducted through traditional curriculum.  Examples of our past classes have been Guitar Building, Movie Making, Computer Game Programming, and 3-D Printing.
  3. Manage scholarships created in honor of students and teachers.
  4. Build and direct our endowed funds used to support our various activities.
  5. Engage teachers to fund classroom mini-grants that “plug small holes” often found by teachers who need an extra piece of equipment, want to explore a new technology with students, or innovate how they teach students.
  6. Managed the PEF Now! Initiative to help bridge funding gaps left by state-wide budget cuts.