Who We Are

Our community needs a mechanism in which it can help educate our children and support our district staff in a manner that goes above and beyond what the school district can provide with limited time and resources.  The PEF fills this role by engaging with teachers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and families.  We are a 100% volunteer-driven board of trustees.

Board of Trustees:
Ryan Cahill, President
Scott Williams, Vice President
Dan Gavlas, Treasurer
Bo Snyder, Board of Education Advisor
Jon Kucinski
Dan Troup
Judith Beam
Maggie Hills
Steve Rypma
Jason Martin

Michelle Karpinski, Community Relations
Mark Bielang, Superintendant

Founding Members
Mike Collins
Jan Dancer
Pat Dolan
John Everts
Joseph Heywood
John Manske
Ron Molitor
Dee Dee Murch
Dr. L Donald Pipe
Jim Rikers
Josh Weiner